Alamo invites you to visit Mexico! Bienvenidos! Twenty miles from Alamo is the Progreso International Bridge, the international crossing into the exciting border town of Nuevo Progreso, Mexico.

In case you don’t already know about this little Mexican border town, Nuevo Progreso has become THE place to shop for prescriptions, vanilla, liquor, tobacco, or Mexican gifts to take home to family and neighbors. Many people travel to Nuevo Progreso for its dentists, doctors and optometrists. The shopping area is very compact, so most of everything you are looking for is located within four blocks.

However, the real reason why Nuevo Progreso has become so prosperous is that it knows what it is. It is a haven for people who like to save money. The shop owners respect that and offer what may be the safest, cleanest and friendliest border town on the Mexico/U.S. border. Passionate shoppers and tourists seeking some international and cultural flavor in their shopping and dining can take a quick trip to Progreso and enjoy a unique Mexican experience full of great bargains, great food and music!

Nuevo Progreso also holds an annual tourist day celebration as a farewell to visiting Winter Texans and is proud to be a part of the Beach N’ Biker Fest “Mexico Run” event. In this annual event bikers from across the U.S. ride from South Padre Island to Nuevo Progreso where the town greets them with free live music and enjoy a street fair atmosphere.

Visit the Shop Progreso website for more information!

Progreso International Bridge

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