3 Benefits You Get in Alamo, TX That You Can’t Get with an EDC McAllen.

White and green flyer with land for sale in Alamo TX.

The city of Alamo continues to be one of the most affordable places to live in the Rio Grande Valley. It also has so many benefits for starting or growing businesses, including our business incentives and loan programs Alamo offers. Enjoy these city perks.

City of Alamo is Growing

This diverse and cultural city provides entertainment for all. Your family can enjoy plenty of museums, art galleries, live music, and celebrations. According to the 2020 United States Census, Alamo TX has:

  • A population of 19,493.
  • Median home value of $80,100.
  • Median rental cost of $535 a month.

People outdoors sitting on lawn chairs on real estate for sale in Alamo.

Tourism is Spiking

With a growing community, the tourism in Alamo, TX has boomed. The city of Alamo values ecotourism as well. Immerse yourself in nature at the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge: 

● Hiking

● Camping

● Bird Watching

● Walking Tours

● Tree Top Tower

Land for Sale in Alamo Can Grow Your Business

Not only is this town diverse, but it’s thriving with the help of small-business owners. From restaurants to retail, there is just no end to this city’s growth. Your business can thrive financially, too. Find commercial properties for sale in Alamo, TX to find your next business location.

Loan Programs Alamo Offers

Don’t wait any longer to be your own boss. Join us and apply for business incentives or a loan program in Alamo today. 

Start Your Business Growth Near an EDC McAllen

Alamo EDC can cater businesses in ways than an economic development corporation in McAllen can. Find real estate for sale in Alamo Texas and send us a message online today or call us at (956) 787-7766!


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