3 Business Opportunities That Only the City of Alamo Offers

first railway station in the City of Alamo

The Rio Grande Valley is immersed in many remarkable and cultural cities and towns. The city of Alamo is no different. If you are a business owner looking for new fantastic incentive opportunities, with a vast amount of ecotourism, to help with your local business, then look no further! Check out a little of what makes this city a great opportunity! 

The Rich History of the City of Alamo

Alamo’s humble beginnings are a prime example that small businesses can persevere if they are in the right community! 

Alamo Land and Sugar Company

Early 1900s

  • From 1902 to 1909, Peter Ebenezer Blalock and George Hawkins bought 32,000 acres of land. About 15 miles of this land extends north of the Rio Grande River.
  • In 1908, the town was formed from shipping pens and a railroad depot named Ebenezer.
  • The land, then known as Camp Ebenezer, was sold in 1909 to the Alamo Land and Sugar Company, who moved the camp to higher, better-drained ground.
  • Town officer C. H. Swallow formed the Alamo Townsite Company to sell land to settlers. 

first Alamo city store by the economic development corporation in McAllen

Early 1920s

  • In 1919, the name changed to Alamo after the Alamo Progressive Club, later known as the Chamber of Commerce.
  • In 1920, the First State Bank of Alamo was established.

Early 1930s

  • In 1936, Alamo’s had a population of 1,018 residents and 50 businesses.

Early 1940s

  • In the 1940s and 1950s, Alamo mainly served as a shipping point for vegetables and citrus fruits.
  • The Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge was established.
  • The population grew to 1,944 in 1940 and 3,017 in 1950.

Now, the city of Alamo population is approximately 20,000, and is the gateway to central Mexico and the Santa Ana Wildlife refuge. It is also a great hub for low-cost expenses for businesses as well as a secure community of patrons.

The Rise of Ecotourism in Alamo

Alamo’s ecotourism initiative provides plenty of employment opportunities and environmental conservation for our region. One of the primary sources of ecotourism in Alamo is the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge (SANWR). It helps protect:

  • Over 400 species of birds
  • Roughly 450 types of plants
  • More than half the butterfly species throughout the nation

The Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge’s Visitor Center is now open to enjoy throughout the summertime. Locals and visitors can enjoy the following:

  • Hiking*
  • Camping
  • Class Visits
  • Birdwatching
  • Tree Top Tower
  • Bird Walks/Watching

*Note: Guided tours are not available, but the staff will gladly suggest trails.

Large water tower and sun panels in the city of alamo

Why You Should Move to Alamo

Alamo, also known as “The Land of Two Summers,” is a small thriving city that needs business owners like you! We pride ourselves in offering people:

Start Your Small Business in Alamo Today

If you’re looking for a place to call home and start a new business by a sister EDC near the economic development corporation in McAllen, then look no further than real estate for sale in Alamo. We encourage you to check out the commercial properties for sale in Alamo. Be sure to send us a message online or call (956) 787-6622 to learn more about Alamo!


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