3 Crucial Steps to Owning Your Own Business in the City of Alamo

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Starting your own business in the city of Alamo is an exciting yet nerve-racking experience. It can be mentally and financially rewarding, but how do you know where to begin? First, you need to think about a business idea, plan, and stick with it. It’s important to get an understanding of how much money is needed to start a business, the time on your hands, and the amount of help you may need to succeed. Here are 3 Steps to Jump-Starting Your Business Venture with Alamo EDC…

Step 1: Evaluate Your Goals, Know Your Financials, and Get Your Permits

If you evaluate your goals, you visualize the steps to achieve these ambitions. Alamo EDC has various incentive programs that can help you fiscally attain your aspirations.  Get the necessary permits needed for your business and choose the perfect location through our property listings here. We offer…

  • Technical assistance including business and financial planning
  • Site selection services and aiding with negotiation
  • Paperwork
  • Permits and other procedures

Step 2: Strategize How to Construct a Prosperous Business

We offer an extensive Business Expansion and Retention Program. We work extensively with our clients to strategize a business plan and concept to have your business thriving. We also give you assistance to obtain your certifications and permits. We are experts in working with various businesses, so we can give you the best advice and insights for your newest business. Learn more about Alamo EDC’s success story clients of Alamo here. 

  • HUB certification program
  • UTPA Procurement Technical Assistance Center (for certification as a minority-owned- or woman-owned business)
  • 8A Certification
  • Corporate Certification

Step 3: Obtaining Greater Knowledge from University Institutions

The third step in our program is local university training. The University of Rio Grande Valley & South Texas College offers an intricate, yet worthwhile study program and it continues schooling in a range of specialties. 

New Commercial Property Available in Alamo

We have commercial properties perfect to fit your business needs. Whether you want an office space, a plot of land, or pre-existing building; we’ve got something for everyone.

Los Alamos Drive

  • Type of Property: Vacant Commercial Lot
  • Size: 44,330
  • Pricing: N/A
  • Contact: Connie Martinez, (956) 787-2774, [email protected]

This location is ideal for exposure as it is by the United States postal service, city hall, and pharmacy. This is the epicenter of all that is essential, and that’s why a business would thrive here. The amount of traffic in the surrounding area brings various demographics around the property.

Franchise Opportunities that Have Proven Successful in the Valley

After in-depth research, we have seen success with these franchises that have yet to make their way into the city of Alamo.  

  • Sonic
  • Buffalo Wings & Rings
  • Jersey Mike’s Subs
  • A&W

Other known locations are not in neighboring cities but have been profitable in the Rio Grande Valley, making this the ideal location for the mass fast-food chains. For more information check out the how’s and why’s these would succeed and what franchising is all about here.

Why Choose The City of Alamo for Your Business Venture Needs? 

Here in the Land of Two Summers, our cost of living is a quarter under the national average making this town one of the cheapest ones to live in in America. 

  • A population of 18,345: a tight-knit community sticks together and wants the best for local businesses
  • A median home cost of $72,300: with the cost of living down this helps save money for other aspects of the business

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