5 Financial Benefits Opening Up Business in Alamo

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Why do owners prefer opening up business in Alamo instead of a larger city? There are several advantages. Starting a small business can be both exciting and stress-inducing. There are so many questions that may run through your head:

  • Where to start?
  • How will you partner with others?
  • Where to locate your business?

Alamo EDC has all the answers you need and more. Here are five reasons why Alamo, Texas, is the small town that could have your business booming.

Lower Costs of Living

Alamo is one of many cities furthest South of the United States near the border, with so much opportunity for growth. The cost of living is 25% below the national average, making this one of the most affordable cities in America.

  • Lower cost of living for both you and your employees
  • Bigger cities and metropolis’ have significantly higher regulations, fees, taxes, and potentially higher supply costs.
  • More money to a place where it counts

More Community Support

The community is tight-knit and caring and consists of approximately 19,851 people.

  • We are a tight-knit community that loves to lend a hand to their neighbors and supports local businesses in their municipal
  • There is a deep sense of togetherness which is why there is more desire to support each other’s livelihoods.
  • Opening up business in Alamo also means a steady traffic flow from the neighboring cities.

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Less Competition, More Money

Smaller cities mean less diversity in stores. A unique business venture allows a monopoly in sales, as no one has brought something like that to that community.

An unusual business in a small city will have people visiting your store more often. (ex. Cat Café, Bitcoin Kiosks, Pottery Classes)

  • Little to no competition means more profits in your wallet

Future Planning Made Easier

Planning for a long-term venture is tough, but it makes preparation so much easier in a small city. Building a business foundation in Alamo will lead to a solid communal base holding it down and smoothing sailing planning for what comes next.

  • Future planning in Alamo will allow a relaxed transition to branching out or moving locations
  • You will have a strong understanding of room for growth and development from working from the ground up

Better Mentality & Life Quality

The larger cities always have a rushed, city life environment with loud people and cars. The pollution is overwhelming, the crime rate rises, and the cost of living is unworldly; how can you leisurely run a business, much less your first one, in a fast-paced environment?

  • Having a business in Alamo will be less stress-inducing and better for your sanity
  • Make better choices in a laid-back setting, and there are fewer impulsive decisions than in busy cities

Alamo EDC Incentives

We offer incentives and grants for new business owners in Alamo. Take advantage of our various monetary enticements, and create a business that will thrive. A few incentives include:

  • A local business retention program to support business owners who’ve made an economic impact in their community.
  • The USDA-Rural Development: Intermediary Re-lending Program (IRP) helps our economic development corporation near McAllen borrow money.
  • Grants to a new existing business based on the available resources to help with offsite improvements, such as water, sewer, drainage, street lighting, and public thoroughfares.

Click for more information about what other incentives Alamo EDC has to offer here.

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