Take Advantage of These Franchise Opportunities in Alamo, Texas!

The Alamo Economic Development Corporation (EDC) is devoted to cultivating a strong economic climate that helps and encourages businesses to succeed in our little corner of South Texas. The one part of economic growth we’d love to see more of in Alamo is franchising! Read on to learn what franchising is as well as three potential franchises that can make an impact in our wonderful city.

Franchising 101

Franchising is a popular option for entrepreneurs. It involves entering a contractual agreement between a restaurant’s corporate owner (the franchisor) and the restaurant’s potential operator (the franchisee).

When an arrangement is made, the franchisee can use the restaurant’s brand, logo, and trademarked property on an existing layout of the company’s business model and operating procedures. The franchisor can also provide training and support to the franchisee. One advantage of becoming a franchisee is starting with a well-known brand without having to build one from scratch.

Here are three restaurants that have had success in South Texas but have yet to capitalize in Alamo.

Photo Courtesy of Sonic


With over 3,600 locations across the U.S. and nearly 1,000 in Texas alone, Sonic really is America’s Drive-In! Founded in Oklahoma City in 1957, Sonic has built a legacy of delicious food and a variety of drinks, all delivered to and ready to be eaten in the comfort of your vehicle.

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Buffalo Wings & Rings

Since 1984, Buffalo Wings & Rings has been serving chef-inspired recipes and signature wings. Founded in Cincinnati, Ohio, this sports bar and restaurant has become a household name and has seven of their 12 Texas locations right here in the Rio Grande Valley. With wall-to-wall TVs and mouth-watering foods, this establishment is the perfect place to grab a beer and watch your favorite team on gameday.

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Photo Courtesy of Buffalo Wings & Rings

Jersey Mike’s Subs

Originally called Mike’s Subs, Jersey Mike’s Subs has been offering high-quality sandwiches paired with excellent service since 1956. In 1987, the company began franchising locations and has over 2,000 restaurants open in the U.S. Currently, there is only one in the Rio Grande Valley, at South Padre Island. With Alamo’s penchant for commercial growth and Jersey Mike’s success, your franchise can succeed!

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Photo Courtesy of Jersey Mike’s Subs

Photo Courtesy of A&W Restaurant 


Founded in 1919, A&W is the nation’s first restaurant franchise chain. It popularized drive-in restaurants and made root beer floats an international treat. A&W has expanded to over 600 locations in the United States and nearly 1,000 worldwide. In 2011, the brand was bought by a group of A&W franchisees and the company has since seen a growth of 33%, making it one of the most popular restaurants to franchise.

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The Alamo EDC Wants to See Your Franchise Succeed!

Alamo’s economic growth and young workforce can be very attractive to an entrepreneur looking to bring a new business to the city, especially if it’s with a brand name. Contact our offices today to learn how our programs make dreams into profitable realities.

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