The Alamo Nature Park is Now Open!

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alamo nature park splash pad | Alamo EDCTake a stroll through the beautiful outdoors, enjoy a game of T-ball or splash around underneath the sunshine at the new Alamo Nature Park! Earlier this month, the official ribbon-cutting for the park took place where the public was invited to enjoy all of its amenities.

It’s located at 1312 W. Duranta Ave. behind the Boys and Girls Club of Alamo and offers residents and visitors a fun outdoor experience for FREE! It’s open daily from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Some of the amenities include a walking trail, nature trail, splash pad, T-ball field, playground, picnic tables, sheltered benches, a community garden and two acres of open space.

How it Came to Be

alamo nature park playground 2 | Alamo EDCIn 2015, The City of Alamo was granted a Non-Urban Outdoor Recreation Grant of $400,000 to dedicate five acres of publicly-owned non-park land. The proposal included all planned amenities. Non-Urban Outdoor Recreation Grants are given to municipalities with a population of less than 500,000 and are awarded to 10 communities.

Funding comes from a portion of the sales tax on sporting goods through the Texas Recreation and Parks Account, the Texas Large County and Municipality Recreation and Parks Account and from offshore gas royalties through the Land and Water Conservation Fund. The purpose of these funds is to acquire and develop outdoor recreation areas and facilities.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department awarded more than $8 million to fund 25 community parks out of 55 proposed projects in 2015. Luciano Ozuna, Jr. spoke to The Monitor about it, “These grants are very competitive because you’re competing against the rest of the state. We are very fortunate.”

The city and the Alamo EDC matched the $400,000 amount awarded by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to further implement the project.

  • Alamo Nature Park Splash Pad
  • Alamo Nature Park Play Ground
  • Alamo Nature Park Trail
  • Alamo Nature Park Rules

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