Grow Your Business with Alamo EDC’s Micro-Loan Program

Grow Your Business with Alamo EDC’s Micro-Loan Program

Alamo EDC has a passion for supporting local businesses and providing the financial assistance they need. If you would like to open a business, consider applying for the  Micro-Loan Program. Find out how you can qualify for this incredible program!

Micro-Loan Program Requirements

To qualify for the Micro-Loan Program, you must:

  • Have a business located in Alamo
  • Have a credit score of 620 or better
  • Provide a lease agreement for the term of the loan
  • Have 51% of the company owned by a U.S. Citizen or Resident Alien
  • Have a business that’s been operational for a minimum of 2 years or 24 consecutive months
  • Have a minimum of 3 bids/quotes from a vendor or contractor who will perform the repair or renovation

Benefits of Alamo, Texas

There are many benefits to moving and starting a business in Alamo, Texas, including:

How To Apply

To take advantage of the Micro-Loan Program, be sure to complete all the required documents.

Fill out a:

  • Application form
  • A project budget
  • Yearly balance sheet
  • A personal financial statement
  • Credit report conducted by Alamo EDC
  • Profit and loss statement (from the last quarter)
  • A minimum of one bid from a third-party vendor or contractor
  • Year-end financial statement from an existing organization
  • An executive summary with three years of financial projections
  • Two years of the most current business and personal income tax returns

After you fill out all the necessary documentation, mail or hand-deliver the application to Alamo EDC.

Reach out to us!

Send us a message online or call 956-787-6622 today to learn more about the Micro-Loan Program or any other business incentive programs that we offer in the city of Alamo.




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