2 Programs that Help Women Entrepreneurs Open Up Business in Alamo

According to the Small Business Association, women own or co-own 45% of all businesses in the United States. To help with this growth and foster a healthy economic environment, both the Small Business Association and Alamo EDC have programs that can help women business owners open up businesses in Alamo. Anyone who is planning on... read more

Three Phases Entrepreneurs can Take When Opening Up Business in Alamo

Opening up business in Alamo? At our economic development corporation near McAllen, we take pride in developing practical and efficient solutions that help new business owners opening up business in Alamo, Texas! That's why we've put together a three-phase approach designed to effectively meet our business empowerment objectives of aiding Alamo businesses to grow, create... read more

9 Key Phases of Opening Up Business in Alamo TX

Ready to ditch the nine to five to pursue your passions? Alamo EDC helps entrepreneurs opening up business in Alamo, TX. We provide educational, financial, and advisory tools, as well as support to improve our city and see businesses successful. Learn how to start, and make sure you are not missing these steps from our... read more

5 Advantages of the City of Alamo’s National Wildlife Refuge

You may not see a lot of wildlife driving down the main streets of the city of Alamo, but this land holds a national treasure. The Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge spans 2,088 acres and houses thousands of animals, insects, and plants species. This beautiful area was established to protect migratory birds, but it does... read more

5 Easy Steps to Find the Best Real Estate for Sale in the City of Alamo

Being a new up-and-coming business owner takes work, and picking the right place to set up a shop is serious business. Whether you are opening up a company for the first time or are looking to move, you can find plenty of real estate for sale in the City of Alamo. A business's physical location... read more

6 Skills for Successful Entrepreneurs from Alamo Texas EDC

You may be an experienced baker, real estate mogul, or landscaper, but if you lack business essentials, you may miss out on financial opportunities. Whether you are an up-and-coming entrepreneur or have existed for some time, read our six skills for successful entrepreneurs tips for expanding your knowledge and developing these skills. Alamo Texas EDC... read more

5 Taxes That may Impact Businesses in the City of Alamo

Tax season is happening from January to March, which means significant changes for businesses in the City of Alamo. First, make sure you don’t owe back taxes and are filing for 2022. Then figure out which tax filing your business falls under. How do you figure out how to file for your specific industry? Read... read more

Cybersecurity Preparation Checklist for any City of Alamo Business

The internet has revolutionized how we do business. However, it has also become a feeding ground for cybersecurity attacks or hackers. With an exchange with third parties websites, hackers can find weak points in your internet usage and breach your data. You must review your business's online procedures every year. Does your City of Alamo... read more

9 Tips for Young Entrepreneurs Opening Up Business in the City of Alamo

Becoming an entrepreneur comes with many unforeseen obstacles, and in a possible recession, it could seem tricky. Many young business owners and entrepreneurs are pushing forward. Share this blog with a young person looking to build their growth and create a successful business in the City of Alamo. We want to share ten tips to help young... read more

Picking the Ideal Real Estate for Sale in Alamo 

Your business' location plays a significant role in attracting customers and keeping a loyal shopper base. Where you set up shop also determines how much you pay in taxes and that city's regulations. With Alamo EDC, you can find the perfect real estate for sale in Alamo, today! Consider all pros and cons before jumping... read more

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