Receive Funding for Your Business in Alamo in 2022!

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Our team is proud of the new businesses we helped this year, such as Memory Lane and The Perfect Blend. We encourage new small businesses owners to start the new year in Alamo, Texas! We offer a handy guide of state and federal grants, as well as our very own incentive programs to apply to in 2022!

Take Advantage of State and Federal Grants!

Other than our Revolving Loan Program, and our Micro Loan, we offer incentive programs. You can also apply for state grants along with our local programs. Consider the Texas Workforce Commission, or the State Trade Expansion Program (STEP).

  • The Texas Workforce Small Business grant also teaches new skills to full-time workers.
  • The Texas Workforce Small Business Grant helps support businesses with fewer than 100 employees.
  • The STEP Program helps American businesses reach international marketplaces and offers workshops, federal funded services, and foreign or export trade.

Apply for Federal Grants

There is an abundance of federal grants available that you may take advantage of for your small business through:

  • gov – An online catalog and information about federal grants available.
  • United States Department of Agriculture – grants are available for individuals, small businesses, cooperatives, farmers, and more.
  • Small Business Innovative Research and Small Business Technology Transfer Funding – grants for scientific research and development.

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We Offer Amazing Funding Opportunities!

Aside from the state and federal grants that are available for small businesses, you should check out our opportunities to receive additional funding in Alamo:

Open a Business in Alamo in 2022!

We are proud to help local businesses thrive in Alamo, Texas! Reach out to Alamo EDC today to learn more about the services we offer to help you start your business in the new year.


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