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Alamo’s Alamo Economic Development Corporation has lent a helping hand to businesses all over the city. Our business is dedicated to the community that serves us, we want our clients to thrive on the success they deserve and make dreams become a reality. Alamo EDC could not be made possible without the aid of the Small Business Association. Here are resources that the SBA grants Alamo EDC to support the citizens of Alamo. 

What is the Small Business Association (SBA)?

The SBA is a cabinet-level federal agency devoted to small businesses. This establishment provides these businesses with counseling, capital, and contracting expertise. Their funding has allowed us to provide grants and loan programs.

These Programs are Available & Used For…

Micro-Loan Program: 

  • Repair & Renovations
  • Purchase of Equipment
  • Signage & Storefront
  • Improvements
  • Loan $1,000 to $5,000

Revolving Loan Fund Program: 

  • Signage
  • Store Front Improvements
  • Repair & Renovations
  • Limited Equipment Purchases
  • Loan Offer Anywhere Between $10,000 to $150,000

Small Business Grant Program: 

  • Working Capital
  • Start-Up Costs
  • Construction
  • Business Expansion
  • Repair & Renovations
  • Purchase of Property
  • Purchase of Equipment 

Our Incentive Programs Allow for Businesses of All Kinds in Alamo to Get the Financial Assistance to Grow.

Whether Big or Small, Retail, Food Service, or Industrial; We Have the Incentives to Help Your Specific Business Endeavors.

  • Grants to New and Existing Businesses – These grants are based on available resources and only for offsite improvements where the resulting asset falls within the public domain, such as, but not limited to: water distribution, sewer collection, drainage, public thoroughfares, medians, street lighting, solid waste collection, signage, etc.
  • USDA-Rural Development: Intermediary Relending Program (IRP) – This program is another resource for rural communities. EDCs can borrow money from the USDA at 1% for a maximum term of 30 years and acts as intermediary-relending money to ultimate recipients.
  • USDA-Rural Development: Rural Business Enterprise Grant (RBEG) – The RBEG program provides grants to EDCs for rural projects that finance and facilitate the development of small and emerging rural businesses, and help fund distance learning networks and employment-related adult education programs.
  • RSTEC-Rio South Texas Economic Council-Regional Member – Approach to economic development.
  • Local Business Retention Program – We fulfill our commitment to business retention by supporting local business organizations like the chamber of commerce and promotional events like community festivals. We also assist existing businesses on a case-by-case basis depending on the number of jobs created or saved, the investment or equity contribution of the business, and the long-term self-sustainability of the project; basically, the economic impact of the project and the project’s fit for assistance to local, state and federal programs.
  • Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone – Tax increment financing for projects within the identified area.
  • City Business Analysis – Market Analysis, Leakage Study, and UTSA Downtown Revitalization study for Alamo.

Success Stories from Alamo EDC

Entrusting your business ventures to the hands of a company can make you skeptical and unsure, but rest assured we have a reputation with the Alamo community with consistent quality services. These treasured staples of the city of Alamo have been our clients in the past and in which some still rely on guidance and financial support from time to time. 

Call or Click to Schedule an Appointment with Alamo EDC Today 

Our corporation was built on a foundation of love for the community we assist. With us you will joining a growing list of names of business success stories. Call or click to schedule an appointment or for any questions or concerns you may have. 


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