The Alamo Small Business Grant Program: What it is and Why You Should Consider It

The Alamo Small Business Grant Program: What it is and Why You Should Consider It | Alamo Economic Development Corporation

The City of Alamo is always looking to promote business growth, and a new program is geared towards just that. The Alamo Small Business Grant Program was recently introduced as a way of helping small businesses with minor expenses, and it’s a game changer!

In order for a business to qualify, it must follow these three objectives:

  • It must be located in Alamo.
  • The owner must have a yearly lease agreement (not a month-to-month lease).
  • It must have been in operation for a minimum of 24 consecutive months.

Alamo Small Business Flyer post 1.30.2019 | Alamo EDC

What Are Funds Used For?

The Small Business Grant Program has specific terms as to what funds can be used for. The assets can reimburse up to $2,500 and can only be used on projects such as:

  • Signage
  • Repairs or renovations
  • Equipment purchases

Which Documents Are Needed?

There are some forms needed when applying for the Small Business Grant Program:

  • The Small Business Grant Program application.
  • A description of your business and the project repair/renovation/signage.
  • A budget of the project to help your business.
  • Proof that your small business has been in operation for at least two years. Tax returns for the past two years, state sales tax receipts, or the franchise tax account status certificate will suffice.
  • A minimum of two bids from non-related third-party vendors/contractors of the work being done. Applicants are strongly encouraged to use Alamo contractors/vendors when possible.
  • Documented lease agreements and approval from the business owner’s landlord for lease improvements.

Find Out if You Qualify

After all documents are mailed or hand-delivered, the Alamo EDC will review and determine your business’s eligibility. If you meet all qualifications, a review committee will recommend or deny the request.

If eligible, the applicant will present their case for approval to the Alamo EDC Board for a final review. Generally, a business will know whether they have been approved or declined for a Small Business Grant within 45 to 60 days.

Alamo Small Business Grant Application Packet 2018


Let’s Help Your Business Today!

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The Small Business Grant Program’s mission is to help your company and the City of Alamo. Contact the Alamo EDC today to get started on helping your small business succeed.

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