Treasure Family Time Outdoors at a Park in the City of Alamo!

Large yellow and blue playground built next the economical development corporation in McAllen.

Alamo prides itself in being the “Land of Two Summers,” where you can enjoy a variety of events, such as the recently past watermelon festival! As summer vacation begins, you and your loved ones will have more opportunities to enjoy summer at the city of Alamo’s parks!

Lions Park

702 E. De Soto Ave

Take your family and kiddos out to Lions Park in Alamo. You can enjoy your time outdoors and enjoy all of the park’s amenities, such as the:

  • Pool
  • Playground
  • Tennis Court
  • Basketball Court
  • Track and Walking Path

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alanizpark alamo | Alamo EDC

Alaniz Park

East Duranta Ave.

Your kids will enjoy a good day out in the sun at Alaniz Park. This park is perfect for young kids who want to jump and run around colorful playgrounds. 

Community Park

898 S. 7th street and Ridge Road

Enjoy an outdoorsy and open environment at the Community Park in Alamo, Texas. This park shares space with the Alamo Skatepark, where the skateboarders in your family can enjoy their time shredding it up outdoors.

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Outdoor wooden sign that reads Alamo Nature Park

Alamo Nature Park

1312 W. Duranta Ave.

The Alamo Nature Park is located right behind the Boys and Girls Club of Alamo and provides a fun outdoor experience for your family. This park offers amenities such as a:

  • T-Ball field.
  • Splash pad.
  • Playground.
  • Nature trail.
  • Walking trail.
  • Picnic tables.
  • Sheltered benches.
  • Community garden.
  • Two acres of open space.

Robert G. Balli Park

North 8th St.

Robert G. Balli Park is the perfect place to enjoy a nice walk or jog with your family and friends on a shady trail. There’s also plenty of open space and a playground for your small kids.

 Business Near a Park

Join our community at one of our Alamo parks, where you will be close to the outdoors. If you want to learn about other economic development corporations in McAllen, check out Alamo EDC. Send us a message online or call us at (956) 787-7766 if you want to learn more about the financial opportunities and commercial spaces available in the city of Alamo!

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