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Alamo’s economy is buzzing and bustling at every corner. Since our city is part of the Rio Grande Valley, it is one of the largest and most diverse areas in the state. With nine ports of entry, five international airports and a first-class deep-water port, international business is booming. Alamo is at the heart of the RGV’s economy, and it’s no surprise that our area is one of the best places to start a business in Texas.

Summer is here and so are the amazing business opportunities in Alamo. Call to ask us about our great incentives for businesses wanting to move here!

Summer Opportunities

With summer in full force, small businesses in Alamo are quickly implementing unique and creative marketing summer campaigns to attract tourists coming to South Padre Island and surrounding areas. This presents two opportunities for small businesses: airport marketing and creating summer campaigns that will resonate and make an impression on consumers.

Even though thoughts of warm weather and sunshine will cloud many consumers’ minds, summer also presents the same opportunity for your company’s brand. A majority of tourists coming into the Valley do so via airports, presenting a unique opportunity for small businesses that we’ll discuss below.

Airport Marketing

One of the best places to catch the eye of high-income customers is at airports. Customers usually wait in long lines. Why not advertise to them while they do so? Airports offer a unique opportunity for small businesses looking to tap and reach high-income consumers. Research has shown that airport visitors flying commercially usually do so through frequent flyer miles with an income of over $100,000.

Alamo is part of a hub in the Rio Grande Valley that encompasses five airports and an untapped marketing opportunity for small and established businesses. It’s a great place for businesses to advertise to international customers and tourists visiting for the summer.

Smaller-market airports cost less and have a higher rate of captivating audiences. Billboards on highways or ads in magazines are highly competitive, but ads displayed in front of idle customers resonate at a higher rate.

Set Yourself Up for Success

According to Rafael Tapia, Executive Vice President at the Alamo EDC, it’s best to also review your logistical needs and have an operations plan in tandem with a marketing plan.

“Talk to the Alamo EDC to discuss your business’ needs. We have incentives such as TIRZ and the Revolving Loan Program to help you.”

Tapia also outlines a few other tips for businesses looking to expand into the South Texas market in order to attract summer tourists:

  • Foreign businesses seeking to establish operations can qualify for municipal incentives via Chapter 380 and 4B funds based on the creation of jobs, scope of work and size of private investment. Depending on size and scope, one can receive assistance from the Texas Governor’s Office.
  • If exporting, review financing services by the Export-Import Bank.
  • Review which federal and state programs your business can be eligible for. Federal agencies such as the USDA and EDA offer support for projects that will export local goods and increase international trade.

Businesses that don’t have an operation plan shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to the Alamo EDC and the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, Tapia says.

“Businesses that have not reviewed their logistical needs should talk to the UTRGV Small Business Development Center. They have experience in setting up international trade businesses.”

At the Heart of a Thriving Economy

Alamo is part of an economy that thrives during every season. Summer brings in tourists and international customers to beach attractions like South Padre Island. The winter brings Winter Texans and their spending power, which amounts to over $600 million for the Valley’s economy. If these reasons have persuaded you to establish your company in Alamo, contact us to get started.

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