What Potential Business Owners Should Look For in Commercial Properties Near McAllen

Plots of commercial properties near McAllen.

Creating a business from scratch or expanding a pre-existing one takes a lot of thoughtful planning and preparation. Choosing the right commercial properties near McAllen for your business venture should not overwhelming. We can help you find the sweet spot for your business with Alamo EDC. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before choosing where to shop.

What Type of Business Do You Have?

There are commonly three types of businesses that each require specific spacing and location for their success.

  • Retail
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

Retail Business:

Retail stores are businesses that sell goods to consumers. Smaller locations may be ideal for selling items like clothing, household items, collectibles, or other small objects. Perfect retail locations available in Alamo, such as S Alamo Rd & W Crockett Ave.

  • Type of Property: Commercial Space for Rent/Lease
  • Location: Northwest Corner of West Crockett Street and South Alamo Road
  • Contact: For More Information, Please Call Property Managers at (956) 884-1316

This shopping strip has both spacing and exposure, which is ideal for a small retail store.

Alamo Property for sale 2.25.2019 | Alamo EDC

Commercial Business:

Commercial businesses require less heavy traffic and more room. Examples include commercial retailers, propane carriers, convenience stores, and restaurants, such as this property, 939 South Alamo Road.

  • Type of Property: Commercial Building
  • Size: 3,054 SF Building [23,100 SF Lot]
  • Contact: Ivan Guzman, Median Real Estate (956) 784-4351

Although near Alamo Road, this location is not near significant infrastructures or highways and has the spacing you need to thrive.

Industrial Sites:

Industrial businesses need large spaces for this specific line of work. Welding, Automotive Repair Shops, Construction Sites, and Car Lots are excellent for industrial locations, such as 1417 W Frontage Rd.

  • Location: 1417 W. Frontage Rd
  • Type of Property: Commercial Space
  • Size: 5 Acres Pricing: Negotiable
  • Contact: Noe Lopez (956) 207-7361, (956) 583-2100

Are Properties Near McAllen Within your Budget?

Finding the picture-perfect future business location without hurting your wallets is tough, but with Alamo EDC, we can find suitable options for you. We offer numerous monetary incentive programs to lessen the pile-up of bills and fees that come with opening a store. 

Read more about our incentive programs here.

Is Your Business in a Location Where there is Demand?

Recognize location and demand. Putting a small comic book shop in an isolated rural area may not be the best choice regarding accessibility and exposure. Alamo EDC can help you choose the right place for your unique business. 

Check out some of our listings here.

Are You in An Area Near Any Competition?

Try to keep reasonable proximity to your competitors. It’s critical to keep from any businesses that are similar to yours. The last thing you need is to compete with another store for customers, and when the company has been there longer than you have, its customer base will stay trustworthy and loyal.

Alamo EDC Has It All

We here at Alamo Economic Development Corporation are devoted to our patrons and strive for every one of our client’s successes. We offer assistance with:

  • Permits
  • Training
  • Education
  • Paperwork
  • Certification
  • Financial Planning
  • Financial Incentives
  • Negotiation Assistance

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Alamo EDC can help you on your journey of owning a flourishing business.

Call Alamo EDC Today

Reach us online or by phone at (956) 787-6622 for any help you entail. Whether you’re trying to find where to start planning or where to expand, we have expert staff here to assist with all your business needs about properties near McAllen. 

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